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  • Alliance Mail is sent in the Alliance Depot.
  • Alliance Mail is located in the bottem left corner of the alliance screen.You must be in an alliance to use it.
  • Alliance Mail has many uses, such as:
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1. Rank Check (RC)

Rank check is used to check the rank of a player. You simply type in the player's name like this: [gazelle].  It reccomend to type RC in the subject.

2. Planet check (PC) 

Planet check is usd to check the size of a planet. You type the coordinates of the planet like this: [1:1:1] [1:1:2] [1:1:3] etc.

3. Alerts/Info: such as war, new allies, new rules, etc.

As you can see, Alliance Mail is a very valuable tool in Galaxy Empire.

I do think this will work on the Android version.

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