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Alliance Depot

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Details: Edit

Alliances can be created in the Alliance Depot which requires 999 of each resource, which is fairly a low price.

  • You can also join an alliance.
  • You can only be in one alliance at a time.
  • If you request to join an alliance, that alliance makes a decision whether to decline your request, or accept your request to join.
  • Alliances are a group of members that work together for a certain cause.
  • As of now, there can be a maximum of 50 players per alliance.
  • Out of the 50, one can create and become the President and appoint Vice Presidents to carry out delegations.
  • Here in the bulletin board is important information concerning the alliance of choice.
  • It is there all can read up on updated news.
  • It can also be used to let others know who are their allies outside of the alliance.
  • Having a block of players orchestrating in one accord can be powerful and useful to promote peace, or go to war with other alliances or individuals.
  • All alliance members can exchange resources.
  • All alliance members cannot attack each other.
  • Within the Alliance Depot, one may 'Personal Message' other members individually or everyone at once.
  • A good reason to blast an email is a need of resources, upcoming war efforts, change in alliance policy, or anything that affects the group as a whole.
  • One problem is disbandment.
  • The President can disband without notice, leaving loyal members stranded without commerce between other players.
  • Sometimes players can recruit others, get their information, such as coords, disband and farm the weak.
  • As always, be careful who you choose to line up with in the game.
  • Tip: The Alliance Bulletin can be scrolled by simply sliding the bulletin upwards or downwards.
  • By touching and holding the bulletin you can copy information and paste it elsewhere.

An Alliances gains a score point for every 1000 points of it's members' combined scores. For example, lets say there are five members, with the scores 189293, 59328, 2738, 432 and 23. Their player score combined is 251814. This means their alliance score would be 251 as the number is not rounded up. This total score decides their rank.

Many players only attack people without an Alliances, because the player might not be strong without an Alliances, due to the fact that Alliances support each other. Because of this, joining Alliances can reduce the amount of people that will attack your Planets.

Some Alliances will set up 'NAPS' (non aggression pact or no attack policy) with other alliances so members can grow without fear of attack.

The top 30 Alliances are listed on the leaderboards, Which shows their rank, the name of the Alliances, the name of the president, and the Alliances score.

All Alliances management, including sending Alliance Mail is accessed via the Alliance Depot building.