Ship destruction star
GE metal icon
  0 GE crystal icon
  0 GE gas icon
Strength 1
Shield 1
Attack 500 000
Speed 100 000
Cargo capacity 1000 units
Fuel usage 1000

The Annihilator is a new Combat Ship as of November 3,2014.


  • Annihilators detonate themselves to deal massive damage to enemies.
  • Annihilators can be build by using a Annihilator construction permit from your Capsule
  • The maximum amount of Annihilators a commander can have at once can be increased by Annihilator Galactonite.
  • Compared with other ships, the Annihilator has the following distinct abilites.
    1. Chain-reaction: Before a battle starts, Annihilators will begin a series of explosions that don't stop until all Annihilators are consumed or all enemy ships are destroyed.
    2. AOE Damage: When the Annihilator explodes, enemy ships of each type will sustain damage. However the more types of enemy ships, the less damage is done.
    3. Sheild Defiance Number of enemy ships destroyed by Annihilator = Explosion damage/Strength of ship type. At least one unit of that type will be destroyed.
    4. Strategic Evasion: Annihilators will not explode automattically when then planet is under attack.
    5. Storage Limit: A commander can hold up to a total of 200 Annihilators at once.
    6. Damage Multiplier: Different ship types will sustain different bonus damage: Titanenergetic Frigate: 500% damage, Devourer Interceptor and Interceptor: 400% damage, Iron Behemoth:300% damage, Other ships: 100% damage.
    7. Annihilation: Once an Annihilator explodes, it does receive the effects of Battle Recovery.
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