This page will provide some basic information on the battle calculator and how it was developed.


Sometime around October of 2013 development of the Battle Calculator began. After numerous other attempts to calculate battles were reviewed, it was time to reverse engineer the battle system that Tap4Fun was using and make a complete calculator available.


6 Round Battle Calculator for all ships and defender Planetary Defense


Consecutive Attack on/off for each side

Defender return time tracker (to predict what time you must leave to attack before defender turns back from his attack, or from his transport).

Loot Calculator

Debris Calculator w/ moon shot % and Attacker Recycler arrival time

Attacker flight time calculator

Galaxium Calculator

Ship Modifications

ECM/Lieutenant/Tech/Galactonite/Projection/VIP/Dynamic Power Tech bonuses.

Gas Calc to show gas needed for defender run, and attacker expenditure.


To find the Battle Calculator you must visit Neoloop's Blog page at

There you will find instructions on how to get the calculator. Excel xlsx file only. Not guaranteed to work on Android or iOS.

The calculator is now under official release and accurate to current game version. 

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