New Battleship
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  • The Battleship is an advanced ship
  • Many people build these even in the later stages in the game, as they have a high attack. However, the Dreadnought is designed to destroy Battleships, so they will need protection from other ships to be able to efficiently engage Dreadnoughts.
  • The Battleship is the hulking behemoth that war-loving colonies across the solar system covet.
  • Only a very well-appointed adversary will be capable of threatening a battle fleet occupied by Battleships.
  • Make sure that your Battleships are accompanied by other ships to protect them as they're costly and extremely valuable.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 7.

Tech Requirements: Hyperspace Drive Level 4.

  • Gas is not required to build the Battleship.

Costs to build one Battleship
Combat Ship
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Battleship 45000 15000 60

Attack Rate
Ship Rate
Probe 5
Solar Satellite 5

Rapid Fire
Ship Rate
Dreadnought -7

Battleship Info
Item Amount
Armor 6000
Energy Shield 200
Attack 1000
Speed 10000
Cargo Capacity 1500 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 500
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