New Bomber
GE metal icon
  50.0K GE crystal icon
  25.0K GE gas icon
Points 90
Strength 7500
Shield 500
Attack 1000
Speed 4000
Cargo capacity 500 units
Fuel usage 1000

Details: Edit

  • The Bomber is a gas-intensive, and although it uses relatively high-output Impulse Drive engines, it is very slow.
  • With advanced Plasma Tech, attacks against defense structures with this craft are devastating.
  • The Bomber is a specialized assault unit meant for hammering enemy defense. 
  • It's not very effective against enemy Ships, so you'll have to include some other Ships when attacking an enemy fleet.

Attack Rate Edit

Rocket Launcher consecutive attack rate 20
Light Laser consecutive attack rate 20
Heavy Laser consecutive attack rate 10
Ion Cannon consecutive attack rate 10
Probe consecutive attack rate 5
Solar Satellite consecutive attack rate 5
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