New Destroyer
GE metal icon
  60.0k GE crystal icon
  50.0k GE gas icon
Points 125
Strength 11 000
Shield 500
Attack 2 000
Speed 5 000
Cargo capacity 2 000 units
Fuel usage 1 000

The Destroyer is a powerful Combat Ship in the Game.

Ingame DescriptionEdit

With the increasingly fierce arms race, a variety of powerful warships and high-end defense buildings have been developed, but there is no warship of defensive facility that can perfectly take precedence over other weapons. This chaotic situation makes many militant captains begin to miss the time when only the battleship dominates the sky. Then a new concept of weapon is raised. Like a Death Star. It is huge and can be equipped with numerous cannons. Where it goes, only death remains. But people can not overcome the problem of gravity. Such a great quality, if there is not enough gravity, it will disintegrate soon. The research is and development is at an impasse. However in this process, a new warship had been inadvertently designed. It's volume is far less than the Death Star, but it has the ability to lead a strong fighting force of all the existing ship. Thus the Destroyer was born. As the most horrible warship, there is no other ship that can match with the Destroyer.


  • The Destroyer is the most powerful ship that basic resources can buy. While it is boasted the Dreadnought "the most advanced offensive space fleet", the Destroyer far outstrips the Dreadnought in terms of combat prowess.
  • Destroyers boasts heavy firepower, with a rapid fire against the Light Laser by 10 and the Dreadnought by 2, and durable armor plating, though the shields are exactly the same as those on the Bomber.
  • The main drawbacks of the Destroyer is they are slow speed and relatively high production cost.
  • The Destroyer, while running on Hyperspace Drive engines, is noticeably slow and can slow your fleet down considerably.
  • Destroyers, even with a Nanite Factory, take a while to build and require good sources of all resources to build in numbers.


Consecutive Attack Rate Civil ShipEdit

Probe Consecutive Attack Rate 10
Solar Satellite Consecutive Attack Rate 5
Dreadnought 2
Light Laser 10
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