Devourer Interceptor

The Devourer Interceptor is a new Combat Ship as of March 18,2014.


  • In battles with your enemies from the Parallel Universe.
  • The Devourer Interceptor are dreaded by all
  • Their attack  can penetrate enemies' shields and deal fatal damage.
  • They are regarded as the Kryptonite of the fleets.
  • The Devourer Interceptor was designed specifically for seige attack upon enemy defenses.
  • They armed with fearsome firepower dealing double damage to shielded oppenents. 
  • Three days after battle of the Parallel Universe you will no longer be able to build these ships.

Building costs of Devourer Interceptor
Combat Ships
Crystal Ore

Crystal Ore

Energy Gel

Energy Gel

Devourer Interceptor 2000 500

Consecutive Rate Attack Civil Ships
Civil Ships Damage
Large Cargo Ship Dealt sustained damage 10

Consecutive Rate Attack Combat Ships
Combat Ships Damage
Light Fighter Dealt sustained damage 20
Interceptor Dealt sustained damage 5
Iron Behemoth Dealt sustained damage 5
      Devourer Interceptor Base Information
Armor (Strength) 150000
Energy Shield (Defense) 1500
Attack 6500
Speed 4000
Cargo Capacity  3000 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 2200
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