Dwarf Star Fortress a

Dwarf Star Fortress

Combat Start Countdown

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These times will vary.

Enhancing Status

Alliances members who hold the Dwarf Star Fortress can attack the Dwarf Star System an extra 2 times a day.

Alliances that occupcy the Dwarf Star Fortress receive 5% of all item sales from that Fortress. 

To join a battle it will cost 1000 Credits.

A declaration of war indicates whether an Alliances will join the Dwarf Star Fortress battle. After the Alliances leader purchases Gravity Field Beacon, the Alliances can than enter the Dwarf Star Fortress for battle. The Alliances can then view morale rankings and number of participants.

When you are number three of the alliances that does not get battle. You will get all your ships back. You also get 300 Dark Matter for the Alliances and 500 credits for the Alliances from the system, Galaxy Empire.