Galactonite Fuser

Obsolete Galactonite Fuser

New Galactonite Fuser

New Galactonite Fuser


The Fusion button: each time you attempt fusion you'll have a chance to obtain Galactonite. However, there's also a possibility that fusion will fail.

  • Fusion will consume Galactonite Shards, although if fusion fails a protion of the Shards will be returned to you.
  • Fusion level: There are five levels that you can utilize, with higher levels haveing the benefit of a greater chance of of receiving Galactonite of a higher star level.
  • x20 Button: This button is a shortcut that will assist you in  the completion of 20 fusion events.
  • Galactonite
  • Type: Galactonite can come in fourteen different forms, each with different attributes.
  • Star rating: There are 6 star levels  in since the strength and growth of each isn't necessarily the same. Galactonite cannot be upgraded.
  • Level: Galactonite comes in various levels and be upgraded, beginning with Level 1. The highest level achievable is Level 11. With each upgrade level, the intensity will increase.
  • Strenghtening
  • Joined: At the Galactonite Research Center you can raise the level of Galactonite.
  • Consumption: In order complete strengthening, you must expend energy.
  • Energy
  • Receive: Through the decomposition of Galactonite, you can receive Energy.
  • Temporary Backpack
  • Fused Galactonite is temporarily places in the Temporary Backpack.
  • If the Temporary Backpack is full, you cannot use the fusion ability.  
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