Ingame description Edit

  1. The Galaxy Challenge will last 4 days with 96 battles in total. There will be one battle per hour.
  2. The challenge consists of alliance vs alliance. After the alliance president or vice-president's war declaration , the top 30 members with the most power points will join the battle automatically.
  3. There will not be any battle losses during this event.
  4. No changes can be applied after war declaration: players cannot join or quit an alliance; alliances cannot kick out or recruit new players; players cannot dismiss the alliance.
  5. Join battles and receive rewards and points. The more points you earn, the greater the reward you will receive.
  6. Players scores will be reset to 0 if they quit their alliance and the alliance points contributed by them will be deducted as well.
  7. Alliances can get more power for the battle by occupying a Sar Fortress before joining the event.
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