Welcome to the Galaxy Empire Wiki. Galaxy Empire is a MMO RTS game for iOS and Android. This wiki contains all the information you need to get started, and some advanced strategies for later in the game, but it is still missing a whole lot of information so if you see anything missing or incorrect, please get involved. Most of the information is for Android on this Galaxy Empire Wiki. There is not  much information for the iOS on this Galaxy Empire Wiki.

Galaxy Empire
If you're just getting started with the game, make sure you checkout the Getting Started guide. If you've been playing for a while, you may still learn something from General Tips
and the German guide in External Resources.

Galaxy Empire Description

An MMO (or a strategy board game with some RTS) for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices, released on November 21 2011 by Tap4Fun , is a standard "Collect Resource, Level Up Buildings, Build Units and Join Alliances" game. It has a very polished starcraft-like interface and great performance. There are already tens of thousands of players. On like starcraft were you can run out of resources on your Planet. You can not run out on Galaxy Empire.

The game has a free version and a Deluxe (Elite) version ($3.99) only on the iOS that is. It now free at iTunes. Additional In-App purchases are available to speed up leveling, buy resources and hire officers that manage your Planets. Deluxe (Elite) version comes with one month free of a Geologist Officer. The Deluxe (Elite) version is only on iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices. This is really adictive , if you want to start playing it first this if you will have time and energy because its hard to stop playing.

Game Layout

Game Layout Basic Info
Servers Tasks, Introductory Missions
Universe, Galaxies and Systems Fight G.E.F.
Bugs Tasks, Introductory Missions
Planets Daily Gift
Moon Daily Tasks
NPC Planets Events
Mysterious Nebula Commanders
Credits Space Store
Dark Matter Alliances
VIP Battle Calculator
Official Rank Lost Components
Problems or Concerns about Galaxy Empire Projections
Tech Tree

Dynamic game:

Getting Started Advanced Info
Versions of Galaxy Empire
Attack Strategies
Flight time
Defensive Strategies
External Links

Basic,Advanced,Galaxy Challenge Resources

Basic Resources Advanced Resources Galaxy Challenge Resources
Metal Galactonite Crystal Ore
Crystal Galaxium Energy Gel
Gas Alloy Fragment Titanenergetic Cube
Dark Energy


Civil Ships Combat Ships Defense Fleet
Cargo Ship Light Fighter Rocket Launcher
Large Cargo Ship Heavy Fighter Light Laser
Recycler Battleship MK2 Cannon
Probe Dreadnought Ion Cannon
Solar Satellite Bomber Plasma Cannon
Destroyer Proton Cannon
Interceptor Small Shield Dome
Iron Behemoth Large Shield Dome
Devourer Interceptor Intercept Missile
Titanenergetic Frigate
Interplanetary Missile


Buildings of your Planets Buildings of your Moon
Metal Mine Moon Base
Crystal Mine Robotics Facility
Solar Plant Pioneer Lab
Gas Mine The EU-X radar array
Robotics Facility Wormhole Generator
Metal Storage Shipyard
Crystal Storage
Gas Storage
Alliance Depot
Research Lab
Radar Facility
Galactonite Research Center
Nanite Factory
Fusion Reactor
Star Gate

Research (Basic,Advanced,and Combat)

Research for your Planet Research for your Moon
Basic Tech Advanced Tech Combat Tech
Energy Tech Espionage Tech Combustion Drive Alloy Detection Tech
Laser Tech Computer Tech Impulse Drive Dynamic Power Tech
Ion Tech Astrophysics Tech Hyperspace Drive
Hyperspace Tech Ultra Temperature Tech Weapons Tech
Plasma Tech Anti-Gravity Tech Shielding Tech
Strength Tech
Combined Guidance Tech

Galactonite Color Types

Increases Resources Increases Technology/ Increases Resources Increases Resources and Technology Increases Technology either gas used or speed or fleets sent,ships amount owned
Metal Galactonite Flaming Crystals Aqua Galactonite Pink Galactonite
Blue Galactonite Galactonite Shield Yellow Galactonite Orange Galactonite
Cloud Galactonite Concentrated Galactonite Indigo Galactonite Cobalt Galactonite
Sapphire Galactonite Aegis Galactonite Rouge Galactonite
Purple Galactonite
Beige Galactonite
Annihilator Galactonite
Vortex Galactonite

Star Gate

Dwarf Star Fortress Pulsar Fortress Red Giant Fortress
Dwarf Star System Pulsar System Red Giant System
Galaxy Empire 1

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