Details: Edit

  • Join an Alliance, that will help with reducing the number of attacks on your Planets as people are afraid of retaliation.
  • Tasks do a good job of explaining the game dynamics and they will award you with ships/resources. You should follow the Tasks first.
  • If you are in Alliances, send your unwanted resources to your allies when you know that you will be offline for a while.
  • Understand that this is a game that takes a long time to advance. That is unless you have real world $$ to speed you along.
  • Later on in the game, try to get 667 Recyclers , and send them to the Nebula, without any other ships, they will bring back millions of resources with a maximum of only 1 casualty
  • This is how the Nebula works, you can get ships, Dark Matter, resources or encounter enemy fleets, I will explain how the fleets work, there are 2 enemy's you can encounter, pirates or aliens, pirates are always 30% weaker than you strongest ship and aliens are always 30% stronger than your strongest ship, it is best to send Recyclers as since they have only an attack of one, and if they are the only ships you send, pirates have a damage of 0.7 and aliens, 1.3, never send your strongest fleet to the Nebula!