Desolate Planet

A Desolate Planet

Ghost PlanetsEdit

This is one of the most common Attack Strategies. It is used to avoid your main Planets being discovered. It also cuts the radar warning that your target receives from 12 minutes to about 3. This strategy begins with colonizing a Planet right next to your target. Build a Galactonite Research Center and equip red galactonite. Launch your attack, and have Recyclers ready to pick up the Debris Field.

Fly your fleet and resources back to one of your main Planets and abandon the Ghost Planets.

A Little Bit of HistoryEdit

This strategy was more popular in the past when you could send your entire attack fleet along with the Colony Ship to colonize a Planet; this gave your target minimum chance to notice an attack was incoming. See Colony Bug.

It is expensive to unlock Galactonite slots on a Planet, so Ghost Planets rarely have more than one Galactonite equipped. Long-term Planets don't suffer this drawback.

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