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Heavy Fighter

Heavy Fighter a

Details: Edit

  • Heavy Fighters are used in the first stages of the game.
  • They are slightly better than Light Fighters .
  • Sometimes they are used as a shield to more powerful units, however, since their attack, defence, shield is still very low, Cruisers are used for this purpose more often. 

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 3.

Tech Requirements: Strength Tech Level 2. Impulse Drive Level 2.

  • Gas is not required to build the Heavy Fighter.
Costs to Build one Heavy Fighter

Combat Ship

GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Heavy Fighter 6000 4000 10

Attack Rate
Probe consecutive attack rate 5
Solar Satellite consecutive attack rate 5
Cargo Ship consecutive attack rate 3

Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire  Rate
Rapid fire from Dreadnoughts - 4
Heavy Fighter Info
Armor 1000
Energy Shield 25
Attack 150
Speed 10000
Cargo Capacity 100 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 75
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