New Heavy Laser
Heavy laser

Heavy Laser

The Heavy Laser is a defensive emplacement, stronger than the Light Laser and Ion Cannon, but weaker than the MK2 Cannon.


  • The Heavy Laser is four times as expensive as a Light Laser and only 150% more powerful.
  • Thus, some players think that Heavy Laser are not a viable defense turret.
  • However, the durability of the Heavy Laser is not something to be ignored.
  • Heavy Laser installations are ground-based defensive units that will automatically target hostile ships from enemy colonies.
  • In addition to other base defenses, Heavy Laser installations keep your colony safe from attackers.
  • The Heavy Laser is significantly larger and more powerful than the Light Laser, but multiple Heavy Laser installations will likely be required to bolster your defenses against powerful adversaries.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 4.

Tech Requirements: Energy Tech Level 3. Laser Tech Level 6.

  • The Heavy Laser does not require gas to build.
Costs to build one Heavy Laser
Defense Fleet
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Heavy Laser 6000 2000 8

Rapid fire
Rapid Fire Rate
Rapid fire from Bomber - 10

Heavy Laser info
Item Amount
Armor 800
Energy Shield 100
Attack 250
Speed 0
Cargo Capacity 0 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 0
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