Hyperspace drive

Hyperspace Drive


  • Advanced Hyperspace Drive technology allows you to bolster your fleet construction abilities.
  • Each time you upgrade to the next level of Hyperspace Drive technology, the speed of the BattleshipDreadnoughtDestroyer , Interceptor and Iron Behemoth will increase by 30%

-Galaxy Empire-

Build Requirements: Research Lab Level 7.

Tech Requirements: Hyperspace Tech Level 3.

  • All resources needed to upgrade advanced Hyperspace Drive technology. 

Upgrade Cost for Hyperspace Drive
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Level 1 10K 20K 6,000
Level 2 20k 40K 12K
Level 3 40K 80K 24K
Level 4 80K 160K 48K
Level 5 160K 320K 96K
Level 6 320K 640K 192K
Level 7 640K 1.28M 384K
Level 8 1.28M 2.56M 768K
Level 9 2.56M 5.12M 1.53M
Level 10 5.12M 10.2M 3.06M
Level 11 10.24M 20.4M 6.12M
Level 12 20.48M 41M 12.24M
Level 13 41M 82M 24.6M
Level 14 82M 164M 49.2M
Level 15 164M 328M 98.4M
Level 16 328M 656M 196.8M
Level 17 656M 1.31B 393.6M
Level 18 1.31B 2.62B 787.2M
Level 19 2.62B 5.25B 1.57B
Level 20 5.25B 10.5B 3.15B
Level 21 10.5B 20.1B 6.30B
Level 22 20.1B 40.2B 12.6B
Level 23 40.2B 80.4B 25.2B
Level 24 80.4B 160.8B 50.4B
Level 25 160.8B 322B 100.8B
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