New Interceptor
Fleet interceptor



  • A newly developed technique of Galaxium collection and processing enables the construction of the Interceptor, a fearsome counterpart to the Destroyer.  
  • Available as of version 1.6.5. of the iOS. It will be a different version for andriod users. 


The Interceptor is a strong ship which out matches any other ship in combat. Until the the Iron Behemoth was introduced:

Basic Info of the Interceptor
Item Amount
Strength 160000
Energy Shield 1500
Attack 7000
Speed 5000
Cargo Capacity 2000
Fuel Usage (Gas) 1200

Cost: 150 Galaxium + Produce up to
0 Dark Matter or 0 Credits 1,000
1 Dark Matter or 2 Credits 4,000*
2 Dark Matter or 4 Credits 7,000*
3 Dark Matter or 6 Credits 13,000*
4 Dark Matter or 8 Credits ????*
????* ????*
16 Dark Matter or 32 Credits 27832*
* Cost has changed Please comment with number of ships you have and cost so we can adjust this number

Consecutive Rate Attack
Civil Ships Rate
Probe 5
Solar Satellite 5
Consecutive Attack Rate
Combat Ship Rate
Destroyer consecutive attack rate 10
Consecutive Rate Attack
Defense Fleet Rate
Rocket Launcher 10


Interceptors require no metal, crystal, or gas, neither does it require time to build. 

Requirement to build is 150 Galaxium and no Dark Matter or Credits for the first 1,000.

After you have 1,000 in your fleet any additional made will cost 150 Galaxium in addition to 1 Dark Matter or 2 Credits.

The only way to get Galaxium is to have your ships destroyed during a Galaxium event. Recently added you can also steal others Galaxium during certain events where you get 20% of their Galaxium upon a win with more than 5000 heavy Combat Ships.

Interceptors have no construction requirements and run on Hyperspace Drive.


Several comments state that they have built interceptors but can only deploy some number of them. I believe this is a bug caused by when you first build them, and it can be fixed by visiting a different planet and then switching back to the planet with the interceptors on them.

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