New Large Cargo a

New Large Cargo

Large Cargo a


  • Large Cargo Ships are less susceptible to damage (especially from Heavy Fighters) than Cargo Ships, are faster, and have a much higher carrying capacity.
  • You can also use the Large Cargo Ship to transport supplies to your other colonies.

Building Requirements : Shipyard Level 4. 

Tech Requirements: Combustion Drive Level 6.

The Large Cargo Ship does not require gas to be built.

Costs to Construct one Large Cargo Ship
Civil Ship
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Large Cargo 6000 6000
Basic Info of Large Cargo
Armor 1200
Energy Shield 25
Attack 5
Speed 7500
Cargo Capacity 25000 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 50
Consecutive attack rate
Civil Ship Rate
Probe consecutive attack rate 5
Solar Satellite consecutive attack rate 5

Rapid Fire
Combat Ship Rate
Dreadnoughts -3
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