Light Fighter
New Light Fighter
GE metal icon
  3000 GE crystal icon
  1000 GE gas icon
Points 4
Strength 400
Shield 10
Attack 50
Speed 12500
Cargo capacity 50 units
Fuel usage 20

Light Fighter a


  • Light Fighters are used in the beginning stages of the game.
  • The Light Fighters only advantage is that it has a fast speed, however, Cruisers are faster, and have much better stats. 
  • Light Fighter is also the most agile ship in your arsenal.
  • The Light Fighter has the agility to quickly navigate between targets.
  • There is a cost for the Light Fighter having the agility to quickly navigate between targets and that is being lightly armored.
  • So be careful targeting powerful opponents with just Light Fighters.
  • Some players use these ships as "fodder", meaning their purpose is to absorb damage from an enemy fleet and therefore protecting stronger ships.
  • If facing one such enemy, it is suggested that you build Cruisers as they have a multiplier against Light Fighters and can destroy them with relative ease, provided a sufficient quantity is used.
  • Light Fighters are the only Combat Ships that are awarded for doing neb runs.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 1.

Tech Requirements: Combustion Drive Level 1.

  • Gas is not required to build this Light Fighter.
Costs to Build one Light Fighter
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Light Fighter 3000 1000 4

Concecutive rate attack
Civil Ship Rate
Probe consecutive attack rate 5
Solar Satellite consecutive rate 5

Rapid fire
Combat Ship Rate
Rapid fire from Cruiser - 6

Basic info for Light Fighter
Item Amount
Armor 400
Energy Shield 10
Attack 50
Speed 12500
Cargo Capacity 50 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 20
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