New Heavy Laser
Light laser

Details: Edit

  • The Light Laser is slightly better than the Rocket Launcher, but costs in crystal.
  • The Light Laser can provide more protection to your colony.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Therefore it should appear on every planet you colonize.

Building Requirements: Shipyard: Level 2

Tech Requirements: Energy Tech: Level 1; Laser Tech: Level 3.

Gas is not required to build the Light Laser.

Costs to build one Light Laser
Combat Ship
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Light Laser 1500 500 2

Rapid fire
Combat Ship Rate
Bomber rapid fire - 20

Basic info of the Light Laser
Item Amount
Armor 200
Energy Shield 25
Attack 100
Speed 0
Cargo Capacity  0 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 0
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