New MK2 Cannon

New MK2 Cannon

Mk2 cannon

obsolete pic of MK2 Cannon


The MK2 Cannon is the 2nd most powerful defense unit, and it has a very high attack compared to its other stats, and costs.


  • Designed to defend against Battleships, Cruisers and the Heavy Fighters.
  • The MK2 Defender Cannon fires artillery shells that are accelerated by a huge electromagnetic field.
  • Powerful enough to break through most varieties of modern armor and obliterate smaller ships, constructing MK2 Defender Cannons in your base will afford you additional safety from invaders.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 6.

Tech Requirements: Energy Tech Level 6. Weapons Tech Level 3. Shielding Tech Level 1.

  • All three resources are need to build the MK2 Cannon.
Costs to Build one MK2 Cannon
Defense Fleet
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
MK2 Cannon 20000 15000 2000 37

Stats for MK2 Cannon
Item Amount
Armor 3500
Energy Shield 200
Attack 1100
Speed 0
Cargo Capacity 0 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 0
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