• Commanders can install various devices and weapons to their ships to upgrade basic attributes.
  • Attributes increased by upgrades can stack with technologly buffs, Galactonite effects.
  • High-Level ships require higher-level devices;high-grade upgrades require a greater amount of devices.
  • Below are the different Modification you have.
  • You get them when you explore the Mysterious Nebula, and/or when in battles against PVP.
  • It is random of what you get.

Levels 1-9 increase the levels of the ship by 10%. For example, upgrading the Dreadnought's armor will increase the armor by 700 because its original armor was 7000. Level 10 will increase the ships rating by 20%. Level 11 will increase the ships rating by 30%. Additional testing is needed to determine the increase for higher levels.

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