• In each system, there are five NPC Planets.

NPC Planets do not have any attack, strength, or shielding upgrades.

The planets are called (in order of strength):

Galaxy Pirates
  • Espionage Result:
  • Enemy Level: 6-10
  • Planet Resources: Metal: 380000 Crystal: 150000
  • Enemy Strength: Light Fighters and Heavy Fighters for combat ships.
  • Galactonite content: Low
  • Most recent Visitors: (Guest733107)

Pollution Origins
  • Espionage Result:
  • Enemy Level: 11-15
  • Planet Resources: Metal: 1600000 Crystal: 90000
  • Enemy Strength: Heavy Fighters and Cruisers
  • Galactonite content: Medium
  • Most recent Visitors: (Guest733107)

  • Bloody Palace: Has Levels 16-20. Usually has just Battleships for combat ships.
Bloody Palace
  • Espionage Result:
  • Enemy Level: 16-20
  • Planet Resources: Metal: 6000000 Crystal: 2400000
  • Enemy Strength: Battleships
  • Galactonite content: High
  • Most recent Visitors: (Guest733107)

Alien Brood
  • Espionage Result:
  • Enemy Level: 21-25
  • Planet Resources: Metal: 15000000 Crystal: 18000000
  • Enemy Strength: Battleships and Dreadnoughts
  • Galactonite content: Highest
  • Most recent Visitors: (Guest733107)

  Each planet has an offensive fleet which is replaced after every attack.

As you can see you do not get gas from any of these NPC Planets.

You do not always get galactonite or galaxium.

You only get a percentage of the amount of resources from NPC Planets.

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