New Plasma Cannon

New Plasma Cannon

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obsolete pic of Plasma Cannon


  • There is no doubt that the Plasma Cannon is the most advanced defensive weapon system in history.
  • For many centuries, the warship's combat power was far superior compared defense facilities.
  • The might of warships pressure defenders to develop more high-end defense facilities.
  • Since the Plasma Cannon proved that it can conquer the Bombers, continuous development of high energy Plasma Tech will start to create newer and better defensive facilities.
  • Since the Plasma Tech is so delicate, the Plasma Cannon must be used together with other defense facilities to create a perfect defense.

-Galaxy Empire-

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 8.

Tech Requirements: Plasma Tech Level 7.

  • The Plasma Cannon requires all three resources.

Costs to build one Plasma Cannon
Defense Fleet
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Plasma Cannon 50000 50000 30000 50

Basic info of Plasma Cannon
Item Amount
Armor 10000
Energy Shield 300
Attack  3000
Speed 0
Cargo Capacity 0 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 0
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