New Plasma Tech


  • Plasma matter is created by superheating gas and compressing it with  extreme high pressures to create a sphere of superheated plasma matter.
  • The resulting plasma sphere causes considerable damage to the target in which the sphere is launched to.

Building Requirements:Research Lab: Level 4

Tech Requirements: Laser Tech: Level 10. Ion Tech: Level 5.

Energy Tech: Level 8 

GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Level 1 2000 4000 1000
Level 2 4000 8000 2000
Level 3 8000 16000 4000
Level 4 16000 32000 8000
Level 5 32K 64K 16K
Level 6 64K 128K 32K
Level 7 128K 256K 64K
Level 8 256K 512K 128K
Level 9 512K 1.02M 256K
Level 10 1.02M 2.04M 512K
Level 11 2.04M 4.08M 1.02M
Level 12 4.08M 8.16M 2.04M
Level 13 8.16M 16.32M 4.08M
Level 14 16.32M 32.64M 8.16M
Level 15 32.64M 65.28M 16.32M
Level 16 65.28M 130.56M 32.64M
Level 17 130.56M 261.12M 65.28M
Level 18 261.12M 522.24M 130.56M
Level 19 522.24M 1.04B 261.12M
Level 20 1.04B 2.08B 522.24M
Level 21 2.08B 4.16B 1.04B
Level 22 4.16B 8.32B 2.08B
Level 23 8.32B 16.64B 4.16B
Level 24 16.64B 33.28B 8.32B
Level 25 33.28B 66.56B 16.64B
  • Most player suggest not go above Level 10.
  • Because it is not worth the cost of upgrade.
  • According to some it does change much after Level 10.
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