New Probe



  • The Probe is a basic scouting Ship.
  • The Probe can also be used to efficiently explore the nebula
  • Quoted from the game:
  • Before you attack someone it's a good idea to collect information about their defensive capabilities before you commit valuable fleets.
  • This is exactly what the Recon Probe is designed for.
  • If you've researched Espionage Tech or have many Probes, you can collect more information which will help you better decide when and how to attack. 
  • Try to send at least 20 Probes to spy on other players.
  • Gas is not required to build the Probe.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 3.

Tech Requirements: Combustion Drive Level 3. Espionage Tech Level 2.

Costs to build one Probe
Civil Ships
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
Probe 6000 4000
Rapid fire from Civil Ships
Civil Ships Rate
Cargo Ship - 5
Large Cargo Ship - 5
Colony Ship - 5
Recycler - 5

Rapid fire from Combat Ships
Combat Ships Rate
Light Fighter - 5
Heavy Fighter - 5
Cruiser - 5
Battleship - 5
Dreadnought - 5
Bomber - 5
Interceptor - 5

Basic info on Probe
Item Rate
Armor 100
Energy Shield 0
Attack 0
Speed 100000000
Cargo Capacity 5 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 1
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