Proton Cannon


  • Proton Cannons are immense in size.
  • They fire by releasing hyper-acceleated protons into a beam.
  • It can compromise the basic structures of enemy's ships destroying them.
  • Proton Cannons may not be very versatile.
  • They are poor at targeting small ships.
  • They are incredibly powerful against larger ships.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 15.

Building Requirements: Nanite Factory Level 2.

  • The Proton Cannon requires all three resources.

Costs to build one Proton Cannon
Defense Fleet
GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Proton Cannon 500000 500000 300000 ?

Consecutive Rate Attack Combat Ships
Combat Ships Damage
Interceptor Dealt sustained damage 12
Devourer Interceptor Dealt sustained damage 12
Titanenergetic Frigate Dealt sustained damage


Basic info of Proton Cannon
Item Amount
Armor 120000
Energy Shield 5000
Attack  5000
Speed 0
Cargo Capacity 0 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 0
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