Details: There are more than 40 Servers for Galaxy Empire, but some cannot be accessed because they are restricted to a certain country, are full, are invite-only, etc.

These are the Servers that are current on Android:

NewWorld006, NewWorld005, NewWorld004, NewWorld003, NewWorld002, NewWorld001, World[73]-World[42], All[40]-All[29], Pyccknn[02], [01], English[06]-[08], Taurus[09], Deusch[03],Ara[17],Aquila[16], Apus[15], Haumea[26], Atlas[25], Ceres[24], Auriga[18], Bootes[19], Leo[20], Hydra[21], Callisto[23], Mensa[27], Libra[28] and three more. This is as of 03/18/14. As of May 28,2014  Taurus[09],Ara[17],Aquila[16],and Apus[15] merged to become All[003]. When the servers merged Taurus[09]became ID 234,Ara[17]became ID 238,Aquila[16]became ID 237,Apus[15]became ID 236. So when you login to the new server it would be Username, such as bones_01_238, then password and then select All003.

One of the Servers that are current on iOS is WORLD055.

iOS and Android devices are also segregated. A server will be host to iOS players or Android players only, and they won't hold both.

To find out which server you are on, there are 2 ways:

  • Log out, and next to your account name in the roster should be the title of your server and the server number.
  • Go to settings, and at the top of the page in bold yellow characters, there will be your server title and number.

Server MergeEdit

Sometimes, when player activity on one or more servers has fallen below a particular threshold, Tap4Fun will merge all players onto one server. When this happens, all of your planets will lose their positions, and they will be placed into one system. You will likely receive a number of planetary shifters to disperse them again, but you will not have control over where they go. Besides the planetary shifters, you're likely to get other bonuses including credits in compensation, and your player name may be altered.

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