New Solar Satellite

Solar Satellite


  • The Solar Satellite is a way to create extra power for your Planet.
  • Their output is affected by Planet temperature.
  • The Solar Satellite is one of the Civil Ships which produces 1-40 energy depending on your distance between the sun.
  • It's price and building time is extremely low. 
  • However, they have no defense themselves.
  • They are efficient, however they can be destroyed by an attacking fleet, potentially crippling a Planet's mines or reducing their output.
  • If your distance between the sun has a big difference, it is also recommended not to use them as they will produce less energy.
  • However, they have the advantage of being ships, not buildings.
  • This is because that there is no limit to how many ships you can build instead of buildings.
  • The more Solar Satellites built, the more energy is produced.


  • A Planet's temperature affects energy and resource production.
  • A high temperature Planet will receive a bonus to Solar Satellite efficiency, meaning more energy for the colony, and lower Gas production.
  • A colder Planet will produce less energy from Solar Satellites, as well as higher Gas yields.

Metal is not required to build the Solar Satellite

Cost to Build one Solar Satellite
Civil Ship
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Solar Satellite 2,000 500
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