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These are Tasks you would need to complete at the beginning of Galaxy Empire.

There is a total of 29 Tasks.

It starts: " Hello there guest 1760056043. Welcome to our newly established space station, my name is Aries and I've been appointed by the planetary expansion committee to guide you. I'll show you how to collect and process resources, construct powerful fleets, research new technology, and lay the foundation for a powerful empire. Tap next below and let's get started! 

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Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
One The First Gift ( Click the icon package on the right side of the scene and receive 'First Gift' 3 Dark Matter; Also 100 Metal; 65 Crystal; 35 Gas; 20 more Dark Matter; Lv 1 Commander for 30 days.
  • Welcome to Galaxy Empire Commander! After learning of your arrival, the Universal committee decided to send you a gift. It looks like they want to help you out.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Two Foundations: Build a Metal Mine and a Crystal Mine 400 Metal; 200 Crystal
  • To establish your fledgling colony, you will need resources. We'll collect and process these resources by constructing mines on our planet surface. Metal Mine and Crystal Mines are very important to early development of our colony.
  • Hints: Mines need energy to work. Make sure they have energy they need, otherwise they will not be able to operate effectively.
  • A good production ratio for your resources is 3 Metal: 2 Crystal: 1 Gas.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Three Building upgrade: Upgrade Metal Mine to Lv 2 200 Metal; 100 Crystal
  • To increase building effeiiciency and access additionally detection features, you'll need to send some resources and uprade them. To achieve this, tap on the building and then the Upgrade button.
    Upgrade button


  • Hints:If you see energy production below zero and displayed in red, that means we're short on energy and all our mines will not operate at full capacity.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Four Energy Supply: Build a Solar Plant and Upgrade to Solar Plant Lv 2 300 Metal; 150 Crystal
  • Note that if your usage exceeds the energy created by the structures on your colony, your energy will appear as a red number. If this happens, you should reduce the energy consumption. By adjusting the appropriate production facilities or you can also construct more energy gathering structures like the Solar Plants.
  • Hints: Now your energy supply seems to be stable, and the mines are working at full efficiency.
  • Higher level of energy supply buildings can provide more energy effectively.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Five Gas Supply: Build a Gas Mine 250 Metal; 100 Crystal; 200 Gas
  • Gas is used to construct advanced buildings, research, new technologies, and to send your fleet to faraway destinations. After you've constructed a Gas Mine, it'll start collecting gas immediately
  • Hints: Another way to ensure that we have enough energy: decrease some of the mines output to save energy. You can do this in the resource panel for each mine.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Six Energy distribution: Open the resource settings panel and manually adjust output of the Gas Mine to 60%. 3000 Metal; 2000 Crystal; 1000 Gas; 10 Galactonite
  • Well done! Now that you know how to manually adjust the output, it might a good idea to return it to 100% production.
  • Hints:When energy is low, the efficiency of buildings will be negatively affected, including production mines.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Seven Speedup your build: Build a Robotics Facility and Upgrade it to Lv2 4000 Metal; 1000 Crystal; 800 Gas.
  • Good! Now you can receive resources continuously from your Planet. But pay  attention that those precious resources would be coveted by other players. In order to make sure the security of our resources, we should construct some defense units against enemy's attack. A Shipyard use to construct combat unit is necessary. But before that, we to build a Robotics Facility.
  • Hints: Upgrading your Robotics Facility will reduce building construction time. 
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Eight Erecting Defenses: Build a Shipyard and then build a Rocket Launcher in the Shipyard 4000 Metal; 3000 Crystal; 2600 Gas; +1 Rocket Launcher
  • To protect our colony from hostile invaders, we need to establish a defense network. At the Shipyard you read about what's required to get a Rocket Launcher up which will offer us basic protection.
  • Nice! I feel safe already.
  • Hints: Upgrading your Shipyard will reduce the build time of all ships in our fleet.
  • If your resources are sufficient but you still can't construct a building. This is probably because your tech level is to low. Check the Tech Tree to be sure.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Nine  Speed Up Production: Use Dark Matter to speed up ships and or buildings 5 Dark Matter
  • Well done! Now that you have learned how to acclerate construction, you can quickly become more powerful!
  • Hints: In addition to accelerating production and research, Dark Matter can be used to hire Commanders and buy resources in the Space Store.
  • Hiring the Commanders will greatly accelerate the speed of development.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Ten The Space Store 4000 Metal; 4000 Crystal; 4000 Gas.
  • Hints: Dark Matter can only be obtained in the game through the Google Play Store. Obtaining Dark Matter through any other channels is fraud and illegal. Accounts with evidence of illegal Dark Matter will be banned. Please keep the game fair, balanced and enjoyable for all players.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Eleven Build a Metal Storage, Crystal Storage and a Gas Storage. 2000 Metal; 2000 Crystal; 2000 Gas. Level on all.
  • If your resource count appears in the red,that indicates that your resources have exceed storage capabilities. When this occurs. Resources will stop collecting and you should construct additional storage facilities to ensure that production can can continue.
  • Now that you have sufficient capacity to accommodate more resources, the resource mines are back to production.
  • Hint:  If your resource count appears in the red, that means that production has overcome storage. If this happens you should upgrade your storage facilities. Higher level storage facilities can store more resources.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Tweleve Rename your Planet in the Planet info panel 1000 Metal; 1500 Crystal
  • About our Planet is unique,with attributes like name, diameter, temperature and more. You can see this information on your Planet information screen.
  • Hints: Each planet has limited space, every time you upgrade your buildings by one level, it will take 1 unit of available space away (measured by diameter). After you've reached the maxiumum available space of your Planet, you cannot commit to further upgrades. You can demolish buildings to create additional space. But only to Level one.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Thriteen Powerful Alliances: Build anAlliance Depot. Create or join Alliances in the Alliance Depot 1000 Metal; 3 Dark Matter
  • We are not alone in the universe! Contacting other civilizations will be key to our survival. If we to cooperate with powerful Alliances we can remain safe and crush our rivals.
  • We are alone no longer! I feel safe already.
  • Hints: Alliances can transport resources between their Planets and other allies. Alliances cannot attack each other.  
Tasks Number What need to be done Bonus
Fourteen Research of technology: Build a Research Lab, upgrade to Lv 2. Research Energy Tech at the Research Lab. 8000 Metal; 8000 Crystal; 4000 Gas
  • Science and technology are the driving force to promote the development of civilization. Mastering a new technology can help us explore the universe more effectively and enhance our strength, so the Research Lab is very important. In order to build a star sailing warships as soon as possible, please build a Research Lab now. Additionally, you can try researching one of the basic technology - Energy Tech. By the way, the researching time will also be reduced by upgrading the Research Lab.
  • Great! In this way we will be able to step ahead in technology!  A powerful empire just around the corner!
  • Hints: When  you cannot construct any buildings or ships, or cannot do any research, you can click the Tech Tree
    GE techtree

    Tech Tree

    icon to view the precondtion to construct. E.g. you should reasearch a certain technology first.
Tasks Number What needs to be done  Bonus
Fifthteen Launching our first ship: Upgrade your Shipyard to Lv 2. Research Combustion Drive Lv 2. Begin constructing a Small Cargo ship. 15000 Metal; 10000 Crystal; 5000 Gas; 5 Dark Matter and 20 Light Fighters.
  • Ships as well as Rocket Launchers will offer us protection against invaders. Unlike Rocket Launchers though, ships can also be used for offensive purposes. However, ships and advanced defense infrastructure will both require upgrades at the Research Lab.
  • Well done! Our power is growing.
  • Hint: All ships and defense units have specs like speed,strength and shield. You can check these by tapping 'info' button in the Shipyard panel. You can improve your ships by researching like Weapons Tech to increase their attack. Your ships stay docked at your Planet at no cost, but if you want to send them out, you'll need gas to fuel your journey.
Task Number What needs to be done Bonus
Sixteen Collect Intelligence: Build an espionage Probe. Investigate 'Deportees' Planet (NPC Planets). 16500 Metal; 40000 Crystal; 10000 Gas; + 2 Probes and 3 Light Fighters
  • Every system has 5 different hostile Planets of varying levels. Each has a different appearance and continual stream of natural resources. Enemies of varying sizes and strengths inhabit the Planets, it is best to send in Probes to collect intelligence before attacking them. Probes can be constructed in your Shipyard. (If the construction button for Probes is unclickable. Click on the orange Tech Tree button next to it and see which technologies you are missing.)
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Seventeen Raiding Time!: Send an attack fleet to the The Purged Planet. 20000 Metal; 10000 Crystal; 10000 Gas
  • How was it? Was your attack successful? It doesn't matter, these hostile Planets are vital every player and everyone will try to raid them. Try to raid them before other players do to gain more resources, but remember to pay attention to Planets level in order to guarantee your victory!
  • Hints:The hostile Planets are divided into 5 levels. Before attacking, it would be wise to investigate the enemy and collect intelligence before sending out your fleet. Each of the hostile Planets have a different resource regeneration rate and the level of enemies will also for each Planet.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Eighteen Space Exploration: Research Astrophysics Tech. Send an explore fleet to the Mysterious Nebula in the 16th postion. 30000 Metal; 30000 Crystal; 20000 Gas
  • Each solar system has a Mysterious Nebula that might hold serects useful to our expansion. Let's send an exploratory fleet there to check it out.
  • Well done! We're well on our way to charting the mysteries of the solar system.
  • Hints: Because of too much travel with the proximity of Mysterious Nebula, it has become unstable and more active than usual. It should return to normal after a day.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Nineteen Official Member: Register an official account 5 Dark Matter
  • Once you've passed through the trial period, it's time to upgrade to official account. Once you've upgraded, you can access your account from more than one device ( say, an  iPhone and iPad) and your game progress will be automatically synced.
  • Finished! Congratulations!
  • Hints: The demo account which you used previously will be of no use to you after upgrading.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty Register your email:Register your email 5 Dark Matter
  • Now that you have an official account, you can increase your security by registering your email to the account. This will keep privacy more secure and allow you to request your password if you have forgotten it.
  • Great! Thanks for registering your email. With this service, we hope to be able to provide better and faster services.
  • Hints: If you for get your password, you conveniently request a new one if you registered your email. Game updates and other announcements will be sent to your email.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-one Empire Expansion: Construct a Colony Ship, Upgrade Astrophysics Tech to Level 2. Send a colony fleet to a Planet that can be colonized. 50000 Metal; 50000 Crystal; 50000 Gas; + 1 Colony Ship
  • Once we develop this planet to its limit, we'll need to spread our wings to another. After settling another planet with a Colony Ship, we can establish resource production facilities on the planets surface.
  • Wonderful! Don't stop expanding.
  • Hints: Every 2 levels of Astrophysics Tech upgrades allow us to colonize one additional Planet, up to the maximum of 8. Colony Ship can be deployed once and then destroyed.
5 Cargo Ships
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-two Moving Resources:Transport resources from our main planet to a new colony.
  • Hints: After delivering the cargo, fleets will return to the point of origin. Deploy is a one way ticket. Transport is a round trip.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-three Deploying the Fleet: Deploy ships from our main planet to a new colony. 3000 +5 Light Fighter
  • In addition to resources, we'll need to send combat ships to our new colonies to ensure their safety.
  • Hints: Resources can be transported during deployment.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-four Ready,Aim,Fire: Attack another players Planet Metal 30000; Crystal 25000; 30000 Gas; + 2 Heavy Fighters
  • After achieving victory, make sure that you have enough space to carry plundered resources back home with you. It's a good idea to bring some transport ships with you for this purpose.
  • You can not attack players who are much weaker than you, or stronger than you. The stronger players will have a red peace sign next to the planet name.
  • Hints: The more fleets you send to attack, the greater chance we have of achieving victory. Be sure you dispatch the right fleet though – certain fleets have an advantage against others, called Rapid Fire. You can check this in Fleet Info. (??)
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-five Debris Field: Send a recycling fleet to the planet ruins. Gas 10000
  • After the space dust has settled from battles, debris fields are left behind. Only the Recycler ship can collect and process it into usable resources.
Tasks Number  What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-six Start early warning:Build an Attack Detection Facility Metal 50000; Crystal 50000; Gas 50000; + 15 Rocket
  • You already know how to attack, but what about defending yourself? A good defense is knowing what the enemy is going to do. By constructing a Radar Facility, you can prepared for imminent enemy attacks. Not that if production facilities exceed their power allowance, attack detection will ineffective.
  • Great, the Attack Detection Facility is functional already. Be sure to not go below its power requirements,though.
  • Hints: When enemy attackers are detected, an warning icon will appear on screen.
  • The higher level the Attack Detection, the more shipsyou can detect and the more energy will be required for use.

The Radar Facility will consume a lot of energy when it is running, effecting normal production if you do not have enough power. You can turn on and off the early warning system in the Radar Facility if you need the extra energy.

Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-seven Discover Galactonite: Construct a Galactonite Research Center, Upgrade Galactonite Discoverer to Lv. 1 at the Galactonite Research Center. Crystal 15000; Gas 15000; Galactonite 10
  • Whether you're attacking an enemy or defending yourself from invaders, there's no question that you will want to maximize your power. In addition to constructing powerful fleets that strike fear into the hearts of your enemies Galactonite Research Center in your colony and research Galactonite Discovery.
  • Exceptional work! We can now begin collecting Galactonite Shards!
  • Hints: Provided that you've researched Galactonite Discovery, Galactonite Shards can be collected by defeating evil forces in the Galaxy.
  • If you need to help, tap the "i" icon in the upper right of the interface that you need help with.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-eight Acquire Galactonite: You can locate the Fusion ability with in the Galactonite Research Center interface. Galactonite 1
  • With Galactonite Shards, we can fuse Galactonite into many varying forms with different abilities.
  • Were you successful? Without a high fusion level, we can't be sure that we'll be very successful at the completing fusion. Achieving fusion is no easy task, after all. Even if fusion fails, however, we will still have debris to salvage.
  • Hints: The higher the level of fusion that you've reached, the greater the chance that you'll obtain stronger Galactonite. Of course if fuse Galactonite Shards, the costs is greater than ordinary Galactonite. Each time you fusion there's a raise in your fusion level, as well as a chance that your fusion level will be reduced. Galactonite that's been received through the fusion process will be temporarily saved in your backpack - you need to tap on the " Collect" button to transfer this Galactonite to the Storeage Bar.
Tasks Number What needs to be done Bonus
Twenty-nine Equip Galactonite: In the Galactonite Research Center Equip and Strengthen interface, you can equip Galactonite 40 Galactonite; 40 Energy; 5 Dark Matter.
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