The EU-X Radar


  • The EU-X radar array unlocks the feature "scan".
  • The scan function allows you to see the fleets that are coming to the selected planet (you won't be able to see the fleets that are leaving the planet you're scanning). There is no way to prevent someone from scanning your planet.
  • You can not use it to scan moons.
The EU-X radar array

The EU-X radar arrary

  • Unlike probes This scan is not detected by anyone!
  • The radars reach is directly linked to the EU-X radar array level.
  • The EU-X radar array scan range does "wrap around".  A scanner at solar system 1 will be able to scan x:499:x or less. Only upwards (1->99). Similarly for scanners at position 499 (scanning 499->400)
  • Also, the reach limit is only on the system, there is absolutely no restriction on the galaxy. This means that if you can scan the system 2:280, then you can also scan the systems at [1:280:*], [3:280:*], [4:280:*], etc.
  • From level 3 up, the scanner consumes 50k gas for each scan. So leave plenty of gas on your moon.

the EU-X radar array level Reach
Level 1 Only your system
Level 2 Your system + 3 systems
Level 3 Your system + 8 systems
Level 4 Your system +  15 systems
Level 5 Your system +  24 systems
Level 6 Your system +  35 systems
Level 7  Your system +  48 systems
Level 8  Your system +  63 systems
Level 9 Your system + 80 systems
Level 10 Your system +99 systems
  • Example: Imagine you do have a Level 2 the EU-X radar array at 2:280:1, your reach will be +3, meaning you'll be able to use the scan function between 2:277 to 2:283.
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