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The Titanenergetic Frigate is a new Combat Ship as of April 5,2014.


  • In battles with your enemies from the Galaxy Challenge
  • The Titanenergetic Frigate an advanced battle ship built by fusing Titanenergetic Cube and Crystal Ore together. With its immense armor speciality it enables the commanders to fleet defenses to a new height.
  • 3 days after battle of the Galaxy Challenge you will no longer be able to build these ships.

Building costs of Titanenergetic Frigate
Combat Ships

Crystal Ore

Titanenergtic Cube

Titanenergetic Frigate 3500 1000

Consecutive Rate Attack Civil Ships
Civil Ships Damage
Large Cargo Ship Dealt sustained damage 15

Consecutive Rate Attack Combat Ships
Combat Ships Damage
Light Fighter Dealt sustained damage 10
DestroyerDealt sustained damage 5
Devourer Interceptor Dealt sustained damage 5
Iron Behemoth Dealt sustained damage 5 -
Titanenergetic Frigate Base Information      
Armor (Strength) 450000
Energy Shield (Defense) 3000
Attack 5000
Speed 4000
Cargo Capacity  4000 Units
Fuel Usage (Gas) 2500